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I think Rashida can do anything she wants. She could take over the world. My hope is that i’ll always be working with, for, under, or around Rashida and, yes, I mean that in a sexual way - Amy Poehler

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The King in the North!

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Jfc is Canadia even real

I live in Canada and I’m not even sure.

60 notes in and no one has noticed that I spelled Canada wrong…nailed it

It’s ok the leader of our country also thinks its Canadia.

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Fun fact: tennant forgot his line in this scene and said this instead


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Daughter, night portrait session at Green Man.

Photo credit © Daniel Harris

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remember this show where this one dude had to guess what is he smelling and he put his nose into someones asshole and went “smells like ass” and the commentator went “correct” and this dude did the funniest expression ever. wheres that gif


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"We only obsess over relationships that feel unfinished."
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"Do it.
Get on the plane, get the train,
Walk 300 miles.
Get to her front door and tell her
“I know this is crazy
But I need you now.”
Our lives are too short to always be sensible,
Get the girl.
Distance makes no difference if your eyes light up when she laughs."
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no one has a crush on me. i am too strong to be crushed


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